Royal Oak, Wantage

Beers and Ciders

Last Updated: 3rd August 2018

While we aim to update this list regularly, it is purely a guide as beers and ciders have a habit of running out at the most inconvenient moment.
All Ales and Ciders are available in 1/3, 1/2 & 1 pint measures.

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Regular Ales Always Available
Beer ABV % Brewery
6X 4.1 Wadworth
Dr Hexter's Wedding Ale 4.0 West Berkshire
Maggs' Magnificent Mild 3.8 West Berkshire
Guest Ales Currently Available
Beer ABV % Brewery
Imperial Stout 10.5 Dark Star
Cherry Chocolate Porter 5.5  
Incredible Pale Ale 5.0 Reunion
Summer Breeze 4.6 Elland
Scholar 4.5 Shotover
Talwar Clean Cut Ale 4.5 Reunion
Game of Stones 3.8 Wadworth
Guest Ciders & Perrys Currently Available
Cider ABV % Maker
Darkcider 7.5 Lilley's
Rum Cask 7.5 Millwhites
Coppertop 7.4 Farmer Jim's
Hogfather 7.4 Orchard Pig
Old Rosie 7.3 Westons
Royal Berkshire 7.0 Tutts Clump
Five Counties 6.5 Tutts Clump
Yellow Hammer 6.0 Cotswold
No Brainer 6.0 Cotswold
Jack Ratt 6.0 Lymebay
Hairy Ferret 6.0 Hairy Ferret
Saxon Gold 6.0 Rich's
Wyld Wood 6.0 Westons
Special Reserve 6.0 Tutts Clump
Traditional Farmhouse 6.0 Tutts Clump
Scrumpy 5.5 Tutts Clump
Oldbury 5.5 Tutts Clump
Rosie's Pig 4.8 Westons
Happy Daze 4.5 GWENT Y DDRAIG
Squeak Pig 4.5 GWATKIN
Berkshire Diamond 4.5 Tutts Clump
Skorpian Black 4.0 Rich's
Blackberry 4.0 Tutts Clump
Rum Cask 4.0 Tutts Clump
Horn Blower 4.0 Cotswold
Muscle Mary 4.0 Cotswold
Repress 3.5 Tutts Clump
Bee Sting 7.5 Lilley's
Perry 6.0 Tutts Clump
Country Perry 4.5 Westons